Spooktacular Sounds: A Family-Friendly Halloween Concert Series

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Mozart for Munchkins & Spooktaculars!

As the leaves change colors and the air turns crisp, Halloween enthusiasts of all ages eagerly anticipate the arrival of this bewitching holiday. While costumes, candies, and decorations play a pivotal role in the celebration, music adds another layer of enchantment to the season. In our journey to create unique and interactive experiences, we’re thrilled to offer several Spooktacular concerts this season. Join us for a a mix of jazz and classical melodies, specially curated for families.

The Magic of Halloween Music

Music, with its unique power to stir the soul, plays a pivotal role in creating a “spooky” atmosphere. From spine-tingling chills to lighthearted whimsy, music can transport us to haunted mansions or whimsical pumpkin patches. The melodies and major/minor sounds and diminished chords are what create truly “spooky” ambient sounds.

The Interactive Concert Experience

Our interactive concerts are designed for kiddos and their grown-ups! These events are not your typical passive performances; they’re a journey into the world of live music. The audience is invited to become an integral part of the experience–from sing-alongs to costume parades and freeze dance, there’s something for everyone in the family.

 Jazzing Up Halloween

Audiences can enjoy the vibes of jazz tunes like “The Monster Mash” and “I Put a Spell on You.” We’ll ask you to clap along, chat about the significance of each song, set the mood for toe-tapping rhythms and swoon worthy melodies. Live jazz performances will take these familiar tunes to new heights, creating a bewitching atmosphere.

A Classical Twist on Halloween

If you prefer the elegance and grandeur of classical music, our series offers a classical twist on Halloween. You’ll be enchanted by haunting compositions like “Hall of the Mountain King” by Grieg and “Toccata and Fugue” by J.S. Bach. Classical music has a unique ability to enhance the spooky atmosphere with the timeless beauty of soaring melodies and rich harmonies. With guided interaction, we want you to feel the music along with us!

A Family Experience

One of our favorite parts of the concert is the “instrument petting zoo” for families to bond and create musical memories. Previous attendees have shared stories of their children’s faces lighting up as they tried out the instruments or participated in dancing, clapping, and discovery in the concerts. Introducing children to the world of music at a young age is a gift that will last a lifetime, and our concerts provide a relaxed and engaging atmosphere for unique musical experiences.

As Halloween draws near, the excitement in the air is palpable. With a perfect blend of jazz and classical music, our interactive concert series promises to make your Halloween 2023 unforgettable. Embrace the season, celebrate with your family, and let the haunting melodies and spine-tingling rhythms carry you away into a world of enchantment.

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