What exactly is a Mozart for Munchins concert like?

Our interactive concerts include everything from sing-alongs to bubbles to drawing to dancing and clapping (you CAN dance to Bach!)! We always end with our favorite, “instrument petting zoo!”

A sampling of past performances:

  • Hello Cello
  • Rhythm of the World
  • Sounds of Spring
  • Kidfolk!
  • Jazz for Juniors


My kids can’t sit still; can they move around during the performance?

YES! Our concerts encourage movement, whether it’s dancing, clapping, or stomping. We want the children to engage with the music in as many ways as possible. If your little one is too small to walk or move on their own, we ask that parents dance/sway and help them move to the beat.

I want to bring more than one child, do I have to pay extra?

Nope! All kids under age 12 are FREE!

Will I be able to hear the music over all the kids?

Absolutely! While we can’t control the volume of kids singing and dancing, we ask adults to set good examples by keeping conversations to a minimum during the performances. There is time between songs, at the beginning, and at the end for parents to talk to one another–we love when people make friends at our concerts!

Are there designated seats?

Nope! Each concert has blankets on the ground so you can sit up close to the musicians. We also provide chairs, but moving around during the concert is encouraged.

Are all the venues stroller accessible?

There will always be a place for stroller parking, but some venues require you to carry your little one and personal belongings to the concert area. We will send an email out to alert you if there’s a tricky stroller parking situation.

Can my child try the instruments?

Yes! At the end of each concert, we have an “instrument petting zoo” where the kids are invited to try the instruments and meet the performers!

What is the best age for a concert?

Children of all ages are always welcome at every concert.  Our concerts are not exclusive to any age group; our musicians interact with the audience ensuring that there is something engaging and inspiring for everyone!